Zeus – Greek God of the Sky

Zeus, the Major God of wind, thunder, lightening, rain and the heavens,is the youngest God but is the king of the Gods. He had had 2 wives. 1 was Leto, she gave birth to Apollo, the Major God of the sun, poetry, archery and prophecies. He was sent down to earth 3 times as punishments. And Artemis, the Major Godess of the moon, the hunt and archery. His current wife is Hera gave birth to Hephaestus, the Major God of the forge and fire, Ares the Major God of weapons and war and Hebe the Minor Godess of youth. He had another child called Athena whom erupted from Zeus’ head.

It all started when Zeus was worried when Metis was going to give birth to a Godess. He thought she would one day takeover so he swallowed Metis in an attempt to stop this happening. In the end Metis gave birth to Athena, the Godess of wisdom, battle tactics and victory inside Zeus. Since Athena was the Godess of wisdom she quickly learnt how to travel up and down Zeus’ body. One day, Athena visited Zeus’ head and started banging his skull. Zeus felt like he had a headache so after a few weeks he asked Hephaestus to cut his head open. The next day Hephaestus cut open Zeus’ skull and Athena sprang out of his forehead full sized and in shining battle armour.

Zeus had 2 classic demi-god children. The stronger one and the more known one, Hercules was disliked by Hera so she poisoned his wine making him kill all of his family. Zeus did not like this so he set Hercules 12 tasks to complete to earn Zeus’ trust back and become a God.

Once Hercules had completed all 12 tasks such as steal the belt of the Amazon Queen, clean the stables of carnivorous mares in onr day and chase a mythical boar up a mountain he became a Minor God. The harder to pronounce one and the more confusing origin one, Dionysus. This was because people debated whether his mother was Semele (a mortal) or Persephone (a Minor Godess).

All of this commotion was because it’s said that Semele was killed by Zeus’ lightning bolt but he saved Dionysus by sewing him into his thigh so really, Dionysus was technically born from Zeus as if he was the mother. was a child of Zeus whom proved himself worthy by and became a Minor God. After a few decades, Hestia resigned and Dionysus accepted and was promoted to a Major God. His powers are wine, partying, freedom, pleasure and chaos. Soon after Dionysus became a Major God, he was banished by Zeus and sent to live among the mortals for a century.

Zeus’ brothers are called Hades, the God of the dead, the underworld and wealth and Poseidon, the God of any water source, earthquakes, floods, droughts and storms.

In the beginning of the Gods, Kronos, king of the Titans and their father, was worried that one day Poseiden and Hades may takeover. To try and stop this happening, Kronos ate Poseiden and Hades but Zeus’ mother, Rhea, Queen of the Titans switched him for a rock with cloth draped over it. Then over the years, Zeus was trained until he was able to fight Kronos. Finally, Zeus infiltrated Mount Othrys and pretended to be one of Kronos’ loyal wine servants. When he made the wine, he put a special potion of strong, paranormal, Godly drug mixed with some type of mustard. Once Kronos took a sip, he barfed out Hestia, Hera, Dementer, Hades and Poseiden whom were all very thankful after getting to know Zeus was their saviour.

The three siblings (Zeus, Poseiden and Hades) travelled to Tartarus to save the elder cyclopses. When they got to the prison they noticed that it was being guarded by a drake (a scaly reptile that Percy Jackson fought). All of them were frightened but they finally got over it and snuck into the security. When they reached the cage Zeus bartered with the elder cyclopses to work with them and fight with them. Once the cyclopses agreed, they started to craft the three deadliest weapons in the entire ancient world. They made the Master Bolt for Zeus, the Trident for Poseiden and the Dark Helm for Hades. With them, Zeus killed the drake, Poseiden cut the bars in half and Hades quickly navigated them out of the depths of Tartarus.

A few days later, the Gods declared war on the Titans although they didn’t have much battle experience. The battle raged on for 10 years and it was called, The Titanomochy. The first few years the Titans were in control but the longer the battle raged on, the more the Gods got use to their weapons. But over the last years the Gods were in control and to finish it off, they climbed Mount Olympus and Zeus threw his Master Bolt and sheered off the cap of Mount Othrys destroying Kronos’ Palace.

When the Olympians arrived at the Palace they watched Zeus cut up their dad with his own scythe and throw him into the depths of Tartarus along with all the other Titans except General Atlas whom was forced to hold up the sky for eternity. After that, they travelled to Mount Olympus and once they got back, they celebrated with lots and lots of wine. 

Statue of ancient Greek god Zeus